About the Company

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The Aardenburg design team has the hight-tech tools and years of experience to make resilient and durable implements. We have the latest 3D design and testing software wich is also used in the automotive industry, to stress-test the machines in virtual reality, before building prototypes. After an intensive test period in the design centre the prototypes are tested in the field by us and selected customers.
Only when all quality requirements are met, does Aardenburg machinery bring products to the market.

Our History

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  • 1940-1950
    Grew up in a proud Frisian farmer's family but chose to follow technical training at technical college (Ambachtschool).
  • 1950-1960
    The 50-60s were vibrant years with a strongly growing economy and many new developments in technology and agriculture.
  • 1974
    After several years working as a constructor and inventor at the Agricultural College in Wageningen, the step is made to start his own company and specializing in agricultural machinery.
  • 1980-1990
    Craftsman-made machines for operation by tractors that are becoming more and more available. A growing team of craftsmen produced ever-increasing numbers of machines and the product range expanded.
    Existing machines were improved and, early on, cooperation with a network of specialized companies was set up in a typically Dutch manner.
  • 1990-2000
    Due to a lack of business succession, the company slowly but surely began to lead a dormant life, and new construction was at a low ebb.
  • 2000-2010
    The activities are resumed because the market requests for overhaul of machines increases due to the world crisis. Restarting the production of old designs on request is done with care.
  • 2018
    A new name, a refreshed design, modern ways of communication are combined with tried and tested designs.
    A new generation of designers fed by market demands now also designs completely new machines for the changing demands of our customers.